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For our resolve was forged in silence, fire, grit, mire and cruelty, we look inward for hope and strength. We stare death in the eye with each passing breath, but our struggle did not start today and we are not about to give up.

Forget the lies and schisms of these politrickcians (prove me wrong), out with the old and in with the older and clueless, they promise heaven and earth but end up in cycle of blame-games.

God willing, we hold the key to our destinies, Key to freedom and we are not about to give it up. This is just a reminder.

Challenging all the creatives out there to standup for all the voiceless and create your interpretation of Key to Freedom, make it viral using the hashtags.

#KeytoFreedomChallenge #KeyToOurDestiny #KTOD #KTFChallenge #EmmanuelOyelekePhotography.

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