August Udoh


August Udoh

ugust Udoh is a prolific story teller whose style of portraiture stands out in this world!

In his words, I’m an amateur photographer, I like to call myself that because it makes it easy for me to wanna learn everyday and to be creative. You have to continually become a beginner, I’m more of a portraitist I find the human face interesting and my belief is finally in the end there is nothing but the face and the truth is the power of the landscape of the face, the valleys and the promontories and all other elements they represent, it’s truly how we know each other and there is nothing on earth more fascinating than the human face. I think it’s amazing how you can recognize a tribe or a race with just the face. …I enjoy what I do..

August Udoh is a Nigerian photographer best known for his photography of the Dambe traditional boxers in Nigeria. He has done many celebrity portraits including those for M.I Abaga, eLDee, Eva Alordiah, Burna Boy, YCee, Iceprince and others. In 2017, he created a photo series about athletes with disabilities to shed light on their struggles. In 2018, he did a photography series “Dambe” highlighting the underground martial arts club called Dambe. He created the series as a way for the photographs to be “shedding light upon such regional disparities.”

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