What photography means to Emmanuel Oyeleke : Farabale Weekly Feature

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What photography means to Emmanuel Oyeleke : Farabale Weekly Feature

Photography to me is an avenue to express myself. I find that a lot of times I really can’t adequately express myself in words so what I do is I put it in pictures. I put myself in my photography.

I remember the first time I met Emmanuel Oyeleke. It was a brand-sponsored photography contest a few years ago and even in a gathering of anxiously talkative photographers, it was very easy for him not to be noticed. Until he picked up his camera and started shooting. Then everybody paid attention.

Fast-forward 5 years and Emmanuel Oyeleke may not be granting that many interviews but his photographs are speaking volumes on his behalf. His studio in central Lagos is constantly buzzing with celebrity stylists, supermodels and actresses who want that particular Emmanuel Oyeleke touch.

He was able to slip a Farabale Africa interview into his busy schedule and in our chat, he reveals to us his style of photography and why everyone wants an EOP insignia on their cover photo.

As a meticulously creative person, Emmanuel reveals the process that leads to the amazing outcome of his works. Hit the play button on the video above and find out why Emmanuel describes himself as a ‘minimalist’ and why his creative mantra is ‘Less is more’. 


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